Hi, I'm Truman Wilson And

Here is my Story..

I was inspired to start my company when I was 11 yrs old after watching kids on Shark Tank pitching to the Sharks. I didn't realize that kids could own their own business!

At the time, my favorite movie was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and my favorite candy has always been chocolate. So I decided to make a delicious chocolate bar with a golden ticket to win epic prizes!

Truman Wilson
Truman Bar
Truman Bar
Truman Wilson
Truman Wilson

Thats when the idea of Truman Bar was born, and, of course, that bar needed to be made in The Truman Factory, a factory that’s by kids for kids. We developed branding, I visited candy manufactures and we found the best chocolate.

Now I just needed to do the prizes!

As a techie, and kind of a geek, I wanted to give my customers something totally new and unique, an epic prize experience using software - combining candy and technology. So we created the “Epic Prize Vault”, a code based rewards program.

As my business started coming together, people took notice and I appeared on news outlets, magazine articles, newspapers. Before I knew it I was doing unique collabs with Canopy Hotel, Wework, and other amazing businesses who supported my vision of The Truman Factory.

Always believing in “Young Helping Young” I continue to give a percentage of all my sales to kids and teens who are less advantaged through two entities: Friends of the Children in Brooklyn and Vogel Alcove in Dallas.

This is my 5th year of entrepreneurship and I am even more excited! I’ve totally rebranded, created new tasty products, upped the golden ticket experience and improved the prizes that can be won.

I hope I can be an inspiration to other young people to start their own companies!
Make Your Future Sweet
The Truman Factory

For the Creator, the Gamer, the Hungry

As gaming, esports & content creating is taking over the internet, we are standing at the forefront of it.

Truman Factory is about dreaming & making those dreams come true. With Truman always being passionate about gaming & Youtube, it only made sense to launch the brand in the space & to tackle the world of esports and digital content.

To find out more about our gaming activations & to get unique discounts, make sure to follow Truman Factory on social media.
  • Launch two new flavors
  • Collab candy with Optic Gaming
  • Retail partner with Belong Centers
Limited Edition OpTic Gaming Collaboration.
In store placement.
  • Partner with esports awards
  • Start sponsoring esports tournaments
  • First big store customer Scheels
  • Launch Rebrand
  • I had the honor of being recognized...

    ...by the Dallas County Commissioners Court as an entrepreneur supporting Vogel Alcove and youth business .

  • We partnered with Macy’s...

    ...to have Truman Bars in their new concept called Market By Macy’s.

  • I decided it was time to...

    ...re-invent my brand, go national and focus on the gaming, esports and content creator communities so we hired Paper Crowns to start a total rebrand of Truman Factory and help develop all new products.

  • We also started to re-build...

    ...a new Epic Prize Vault from the ground up.

This movie started it all for me.
2 Year anniversary pop up store.
  • We did our Second Co-Branded Truman Bar...

    ...by doing a wrapper collaboration with WeWork. As our first Truman Bars outside of Texas, we sold these co-branded bars to WeWorks in nine cities in five states.

  • I finalize the...

    ...stadium deal and supplied Truman Bars to the American Airlines Center.

  • In September we celebrated...

    ...Truman Factory’s 2 year anniversary with an epic pop up storefront in Highland Park Village shopping Center.

  • I had my third TV interview...

    ...and was featured on WFAA Channel 8.

  • We started our Amazon store...

    ...and developed Truman Bar Fun Packs to sell online.

  • We ended ended 2019...

    ...with Truman Bars in 90 locations.

  • I was picked...

    ...as a “Teen to Watch” by Park Cities News in their annual 20 Under 40 entrepreneur issue.

  • I had my first...

    ...TV interview and was featured on WFAA Channel 8.

  • I was invited to speak at...

    ...the University of Texas at Dallas STEM conference as a kid entrepreneur who merged tech and candy.

  • We did our first...

    ...Co-Branded Truman Bar by doing a wrapper collaboration with Canopy Hotel, a Hilton Brand.

  • I had my second...

    ...TV interview and was featured on Fox4 News.

  • Vogel Alcove awarded me their...

    ...“Kids Helping Kids” award their annual gala.

  • I ended 2018 with...

    ...Truman Bars in 50 locations.

Live on Fox4 TV.
Product Launch Day!
  • After interviewing...

    ...a few candy makers, my father and I visit Nassau Candy in NY to negotiate our chocolate bar deal.

  • I finalize the...

    ...Truman Bar packaging with golden tickets and we develop our custom software to award epic prizes that we call the Epic Prize Vault.

  • I have my first...

    ...Interview with a magazine called Paper City Magazine for their feature story Gen Next.

  • I want my company...

    ...to give back to the community and have Kids Helping Kids so I decide to support homeless children by giving a portion of all my sales to Vogel Alcove.

  • We decide to launch...

    ...Truman Bar on a weekend in September and we find 13 stores to participate.

  • We had a great launch!

    ...With a pop up store at the Nasher Sculpture Center and the 12 other stores and we sold out my inventory in one day.

  • We then decided to make...

    ...a Christmas holiday bar so we created new packaging and called it the Truman Bar Epic Holiday Edition. We made a lot of inventory which we quickly sold out.

  • I ended up...

    ...with Truman Bars in 20 locations in 2017

  • I see a shark...

    ...tank episode that inspires me having my own business - Episode #203, “Flipoutz” with kids Jake, Lachlan, and Erin Johnson.

  • My business idea...

    ...is to recreate the Golden Ticket experience from my favorite Movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with my favorite candy, milk chocolate.

  • I decide to call my business...

    ...Truman Factory and we hire a company to create my logo and branding.

  • My Shopify store...

    ...goes live with only logo t-shirts until I can make my candy bars.

It all started on this drawing board.
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